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Fro Knows Photo Jam!

We love the Fro! 🙂 I watch his YouTube channel all the time. We got our groove on to his new theme song rap! Check it out! You can get your own free download of the .mp3!

I Shoot RAW

I watch a ton of YouTube instead of Satellite TV.  Why? Because there is not much on TV worth watching! 🙂 I also like learning constantly. I seldom watch TV to be entertained, that’s what movies are for. Instead, I dial in YouTube on my AppleTV and watch photography videos! 😉  Recently, I have been watching lots of FroKnowsPhoto – Jared Polin’s channel. He has a website too and he makes videos constantly that cover lots of great topics from editing pictures to taking pictures to gear reviews, etc. He also shoots Nikon which makes him OK in my books. 🙂 Right now he’s got a contest on and I decided to enter Phoebe. It’s a self-portrait with something from the show, either the “I Shoot RAW” slogan or the fro or whatever. I figured we’d cover all of our bases for these shots. Notice the depressed cable release? She actually took the shots her self and had fun blowing the motor drive at 7 frames a second! heheheeh….. 10 zillion Phoebe Fro shots! 🙂 The winner of the contest will be selected on their live show. I hope we win because a really cool camera bag is up for grabs! (Ignore the Canon stuff in the picture) 😉