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Published Internationally


Woot! Here’s some cool news, I got published in Practical Photography Magazine’s May 2014 edition!  It’s a UK publication so my Canadian peeps won’t be able to pick up a print copy too readily. But you can get electronic versions available on iTunes and Google. I was contacted by them quite some time ago regarding my images I posted here on the blog of photographing the kids’ fiberoptic lamps! Spiffy! 😎

Rural Roots Magazine


Well kiss my grits! I got printed in Rural Roots Magazine! My photo that I did as part of my on going Organic Project has been printed in the fall 2013 edition. The magazine was running a story by Alvin Scheresky and they came across my shoot with Nicole Davis, the new proprietor of Day Break Mill. They wanted to run a segment on the idea of Ancient Grains and Modern Mills. I’m stoked to have my image in print! It’s a very nice spin off of a personal photography project. To me it underlines the idea that if you seek fame and recognition, you won’t find it. But if you pursue your passion and do it because you love it, great things will surely follow. 😎 Big thanks to Rural Roots Magazine for running my photo and for bringing attention to this great part of the country we call home!



Nicole inside the mill

Nicole inside the mill