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The Rink

The good ol’ skatin’ rink! There are not many more iconic small town venues. We had the extended family down for a couple days and took part in the public skating. Our rink upgraded their lighting from horrid barf green sodium vapour to glorious LEDs which is awesome x 100000000. However, I still shot black and white in a street photography style because I like it. Before, you used to have to shoot B&W to get rid of the putrid lighting. But now, we have the freedom to do it for fun! 😎

I shot this all with the FujiFilm XPro2 and the beloved 35mm f/2 lens. I shot JPEGs and locked them into my ultra contrasty black and white TRI-X film simulation. Here’s the settings:

I did cheat and shoot a bit of colour for the baby and the water tower which was bathed in glorious golden light. But that’s our little secret! 😉


Ice Show Highlights

I was honoured to be the photographer at Oxbow’s Ice Show March 17th. The night was fabulous and everyone involved absolutely rocked the set! From the most experienced to the greenest around the skating gills all did amazing! I looked in jealousy at all the 4 year olds who already have far more skating talent than I will ever have! 😎 (seriously!) We kicked the night off with some individual portraits and group shots in the dressing room. Then, I covered the actual  show itself. It was a riot! 😀