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Quick post as I’m on the run today. Woke up and looked out the window, tree was full of cedar waxwings. Ran through the house, grabbed the camera, got back upstairs and . . . they were all gone. 😦 But, I waited 5 minutes and one came back. Bang-a-rang baby, ya! Really nice golden light saturated the colors and, as an added perk, the wind picked up and gave me the Don King high-fashion look. Sweet! 🙂

And as an added bonus, this little yellow guy came on the scene for one frame only. I can’t identify this bird, so if you know what it is please leave a comment. Thanks!

EDIT: Thanks be to Heather for the bird ID on this one. It’s a Yellow Warbler. Warblerific!!! 🙂



Turf Warz

The tree swallows are back again this year and have been fighting like crazy over who gets to live on Moir Dr.  We had baby birds in this house last year and they want to do the same thing again. But it’s wild because all the birds want to live in there and several pairs fly in to try to steal it away from the dominant couple. They attack each other and high flying hi jinx results! It’s one wild acrobatic show!  I shot these suckers at ISO 1000 and shutter speeds of 1/800 and it still wasn’t enough to stop them. It’s crazy how fast these little guys are. Jet fighter pilots could learn from them! 😉