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Nutcracker in Action!

The show went off without a hitch today! We took in the 1:30PM showing and it was a riot! The kids did fantastically well and our kids loved watching it. They were very into the show and sat pretty good which was a bonus because I was taking the mad photos during the production. Very challenging photography scenario as I was pretty far back from the stage and off to the side. Plus the lighting was very uneven which made for tricky exposures. But, I was able to make a few shots which turned out all right. And, it was nice to see the display setup of the photos I took of the cast & the groups. Photos in print, it can’t get any better! 8)

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Everyone get ready! The OPHS Musical “Nutcracker” is nearly upon us! There will be two presentations on Wednesday December 21st at 1:30 & 7PM It is going to be a tremendous presentation and everyone who attends will be uplifted! Your life will be 17% happier if you go and check it out! 😉

I was happy to be able to do the photos for the event and they will be on display in the foyer at the school the day of the presentation. We did group shots of all the various performers in the musical as well as cast portraits that look smashing in black and white. An online gallery of the photos has been provided for the school and parents if they wish to download the full resolution photos to have as a keepsake. Both colour and black & white photos have been made available, as well as 4×6 & 8×10 sizings. Click here to visit the gallery.